The New Economy

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2021

We must offer our own perspective to the collective consciousness in order to bring forth balance and reciprocity. In doing so, we began to develop a keen sense of our own self awareness to make the next best decision. Learning to move to my own beat has been extremely challenging in a environment that seeks to control and rule over me. Deep introspection provides clarity even in the darkest times,however, there's still a bit of confusion as far as the times we're in and how it effects each and every one of us.  The opportunity presented it self for me to fully step in my purpose during the 2020 pandemic. The "Money Behind the Dreams" book was proof that I was fully prepared to deal with the economy and system collapsing and creating a new regime. As I reflect on the time I wrote the book, I was seeking to find my identity and I couldn't see myself functioning in a system that was built on the same soil my ancestors shed blood and died from an invasion. I meditated on the idea of how to provide a more healthier upbringing for generations to come, the universe gave me a vision and I documented it. 5 years after publishing the book I can see where the journey began for me when I allowed my inner voice to sow blessing over my life, me embracing change and making the adjustments.  I provide lessons on Character Development, Community Organizing Strategies, SMART Goals, vision boards, accountability partners and more to help usher in a New Economy. New Solutions for Old Problems gives inspiration to a people who have felt broken and defeated for 400 years and now are being moved back to the top of global affairs as our ancestors once was!  


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