Self Discovery

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2021

Collectively we are undergoing a Alchemical process, that is forcing us to reevaluate ourselves and the world we live in. Ultimately, it brings me to the conclusion that "Self Realization" opens up the secrets of the self within, nature and the universe. Throughout my journey of spiritual development I have acquired the training and skills that will prove to be valuable for improving the conditions of our global community. Recently, I relocated to California for Political Training over the course of the next 3 months. However, this experience has brought fourth a deep sense of liberation and transformation, achieving  super consciousness that has open pathways to my inner most self. These experiences and lessons I will share with the Kocoon Online Academy and help individuals such as yourself seeking THE SCIENCE OF SELF REALIZATION. Join us on this journey to Spiritual Enlightenment, Generational Wealth, Community, Healing, and the meaning of your existence!!! 


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