Art imitating Life and Life imitating Art....

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2021

Art is a form of expression that allows the individual to escape the social constructs and operate in a space that allows them the freedom that our spirit yearns for. One of my favorite hobbies as a child was drawing, I would draw comic book characters, entertainers and portraits of family members and loved ones. My freshman year in high school was when I decided to stop drawing because of the pressures to survive. However, I never lost the love or passion for it and it would resurface in times of tragedy and triumph. The ability to function in my creative faculties gave me a voice that brought  tremendous benefits. At 34 years old I still actively pursue building a business that will one day create a foundation strong enough for generations to come. Yet in still, I devote time and energy to artistic pursuits that will allow me to create the kind of art that will leave a lasting impact on the people. The goal is to identify what your passion is, acquire the resources and training to one day bless the world with our unique gifts and abilities. 


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